Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA) is an independent Slovak civil association established in 2004 by former student leaders and personalities from the academic field  with the objective of assessing the quality of Slovak higher education institutions.The mission of ARRA is to stimulate positive changes in Slovak higher education.

In its beginnings, dr. Don Thornhill and dr. Lewis Purser, World Bank experts, assisted in creating the original methodology used thereafter with certain improvements for annual evaluation of universities. After their departure, ARRA continued its international collaboration and, in 2009, was at the birth of a global organisation of ranking agencies, the IREG Observatory (International Ranking Expert Group Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence) as its founding member. Co-founder of ARRA, prof. Ferdinand Devínsky, was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the IREG Observatory.

In the course of its existence, ARRA prepared and published eight reports assessing Slovak higher education institutions (HEI). ARRA is also engaged in other activities with common denominator - the quality of HEI in Slovakia. Throughout past years, projects were implemented such as identification of Slovak scientists comparable to world’s renowned scholars, a study mapping the interest of employers in HEI graduates, a comparison of the scientific performance of Czech and Slovak HEI, etc. Several seminars and conferences  on ranking and trends of quality assessment were organized in Slovakia.

We offer English versions of our annual HEI assessment reports to download, as well as the publication on classification of the HEI in Slovakia from 2009. In case of any questions regarding our activities or interest in collaboration, please contact us.

See also a short presentation of ARRA´s mission and activities (presented on February, 22, 2011 at the Central European University in Budapest by ARRA Chairman, Juraj Barta):

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